18 July 2013

True phx golf shoe

True phx golf shoe for sale. Checkout truelinkswear.com for more information about the shoe. Size 6.0UK or 6.5US. Shoe is US designed, really comfortable and very nice design. Shoe colour is black with grey trimming. Almost new come with box, worn once at driving range. Condition is very good like new without any wear and tear. Retail price is rm379.00, selling for rm300.00(nego). Call/text are welcome. Cod - equine park, seri kembangan Postage - additional rm10.00 Thanks
Item no. : BBT010 Price : RM300.00(nego) Weight : - Postage : RM10.00

29 January 2012

Takasima treadmill & static bicycle (BBT009)

Hello and happy lunar new year. This is a used treadmill & static bicycle that was bought in 2005. We are selling this as a bundle. The model number are TK-112A for the treadmill and Y-Sprint TK-220D for the static bicycle. The treadmill are in a good condition and everything are working well. It has various speed and program suitable for any age and person. It also have a heart monitor that can read your heart beat during workout. The static bicycle also works very well. It has 8 speed and the saddle can be adjusted according to one's height. But the counter meter on the static bicycle doesn't work anymore. It still can be repaired at any Takasima outlet. Both of the machine have some defect at the handle due to careless handling by the movers (Shown in the picture). This is a great set for those who are starting to do workout but don't have time to do it in the gym or outside. You can rotate your workout between running and cycling. This item only are available for self pick-up and it can be loaded inside any normal sedan car.

Item no. : BBT009
Price : RM1400.00
Weight : n/a
Postage : Self pick-up only

30 June 2011

Motorola Talkabout T5420 (BBT008)

A pair of used Motorola T5420 two way radio for sale. It has 2 miles talking range, perfect for outdoor activity. Weatherproof and the battery can last up to 27 hours. Comes with two rechargeable batteries and a charger. One of the unit has some defect as shown in the picture but still can work perfectly. Bought it in 2009. For more technical details, check out this website http://www.amazon.com/Motorola-TalkAbout-T5420-14-Channel-Two-Way/dp/tech-data/B00005YXCS/ref=de_a_smtd

Item no. : BBT008
Price : RM120.00
Weight : 0.5kg
Postage : RM7.00(surface)

Camel Active Ultimate 4 - Burgundy (BBT007)

This is a pair of used Camel Active Ultimate 4 shoe in burgundy colour. Size 6 (UK), 7 (USA) or 40 (EUR). Seldomly used. Rating 7/10.

Item no. : BBT007
Price : RM80.00
Weight : 1.0kg
Postage : RM7.00(surface)

Lava Lamp (BBT006)

This is a great piece that we wanted to sell. A lava lamp. This lamp is a decorative novelty item that contains blobs of colored wax inside a glass vessel filled with clear liquid, the wax rises and falls as its density changes due to heating from a incandescent light bulb underneath the vessel. We bought this lamp in 2009. The total height is 14 inches and the lamp diameter is 4 inches. The glass bottle which contain the wax is 7 inches tall. The colour of the lamp is red and it comes with a light dimmer.

Item no : BBT006
Price : RM55.00
Weight : 1.5kg
Postage : RM7.00(surface)

21 June 2011

IKEA Stand Lamp (BBT005)

IKEA stand lamp comes in chrome. Standing at 5 feet and the diameter of the lamp cover is 6 inches. We bought this item in 2008. Still functioning and in good condition.

Item no. : BBT005
Price : RM45.00
Weight : 3.0kg
Postage : RM8.50(surface)

Sauna Solution (BBT004)

Sauna solution is a health product that targeted to burn fat particularly around stomach area. It generates heat so that your body will start sweating and the result is flatter stomach. It is sauna in smaller version. This item comes with the original package and instruction. It is in very good condition and we bought it in 2007.

Item no. : BBT004
Price : RM120.00 (50% price reduction) RM60.00
Weight : 0.7kg
Postage : RM7.00(surface)

Antique Radio (BBT003)

This is a National Panasonic antique radio. The radio doesn't function anymore but it is perfect for interior decoration. It has been in our storage for about 15 years. One knob is missing.

Item no. : BBT003
Price : RM150.00
Weight : 3.0kg
Postage : RM8.50(surface)

IKEA Table Lamp (BBT002)

Another great piece for sale is our IKEA table lamp. It comes in silver color complete with table clamp that will fit any table. The length of the arm is 3 feet and the diameter of the lamp cover is 6 inches. It is functioning and still in good condition, perfect for your study room or your workshop table. We bought this lamp back in 2007.

Item no : BBT002
Price : RM30.00
Weight : 1.5kg
Postage : RM7.00(surface)

20 June 2011

Gibson Epiphone Junior Electric Guitar (BBT001)

This item was the first item we sold from our collection. We sold it for RM 400.00 complete with all the accessories. We have a few more items for sale. Do stick around for future items.

Item no. : BBT001
Price : Sold
Weight : N/A